Open Mike Eagle

Furniture Eater.

Making Smoke Soup.

Ugly Heart Raps.

Anonymous asked: scenario: archaic rapper resurgence vs. post-funk revival... pick a side

whichever one this fits into

Anonymous asked: What do you find to be the most enjoyable part of the creative process?

when it sounds/looks exactly how you thought it would.

but also when you stumble upon magics.

so those two, i think.

Anonymous asked: How do you feel about Brock lesnar ending Undertakers streak

loved it. i live for the well executed swerve.

Anonymous asked: how would you sum up your political views?

its all weird kabuki theatre. we vote via purchases.

Anonymous asked: i just saw you like robert anton wilson. very cool. any recommendations for where to start with his work (friend of mine likes his Illuminatus trilogy)? other counterculture dudes you like? have you read hakim bey?

start with cosmic trigger.

never heard of bey but if he’s similar i’ll definitely check him out.

Anonymous asked: Can you re press the Natural Causes Cds?

if you buy 20 of the vinyls i’ll do it today.

Anonymous asked: Who are you dating

Lisa Simpson

Anonymous asked: I make rap and I want to share it with you and all my other favorite rappers. But I don't want to be "that guy", how should I go about doing that?

You’d have to be ok with being that guy

Anonymous asked: Is there some way to acquire Premeditated Folly?

Deep Web piracy

Anonymous asked: Have you ever been in a rap battle?