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Making Smoke Soup.

Ugly Heart Raps.

GR: What about you [Busdriver]? First impressions of Nocan and Mike?

BD: “I met Nocan when he couldn’t really rap well. If you can imagine Nocando not rapping well, that’s when I met him. That was so long ago. He was outside and we were cyphering briefly and I just came across him. He was really insistent. He kept getting served by the other Blowdians but he kept coming back. He always had a lot of heart. I don’t know when I met Mike. I can’t really remember a time when I didn’t know Mike.”

OME: “I started bothering him in 2008. I booked you for a benefit show at Project Blowed.”

BD: “I remember that.”

OME: “Then I started sending you music frantically.”

BD: “I remember when Mike’s music became a part of my life, and after that point, I don’t remember Mike not being a part of my every-day life. I got lucky.”

Super excited to announce that I’ll be playing this year’s Hopscotch Music Festival sep 4-6 in raleigh NC
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Happy Morning Day again.

album preorder availalble now.


“I want to be very alone and very not alone almost simultaneously. I want to be committed and free at the same time. Sometimes I wanna bake the cake, eat the cake, and not share the cake and sometimes I’ve made the cake for someone else and no, that’s ok, I don’t want a bite it’s all yours!”


Good morning.


Good morning.

me too.

me too.

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“For those who enjoy the single, Dark Comedy drops June 10 and is currently available for pre-order on Itunes. The official album listening party is May 1 at The Mint in L.A. There will be rapping, comedy, and possibly an assortment of fair trade cheeses. Additionally, there are rumors that Eagle will deliver a flawless Stone Cold Stunner on stage before signing fans’ WWE merchandise. We may be making up that last part, but god almight, we hope it’s true.”

This is the cover to my new single Dark Comedy Morning Show. 

I’m about to go do laundry but you should go listen to it at @NoiseyMusic

You’ll also find out how to pre order it and when it will be released. 

I’d like to stay and chat but all the clothes are dirty.